What’s new?

We’ve created two new dynamic programs just for you this year with special offers and info to grab your attention. They’re going to be different from any other program or offer out there!
After what happened to me last year, I’ve decided there’s not going to be any more fluff. I’ve always spoke from the heart but I’ve also really held back. Well, not anymore….

I want to get you the results that you want! And I believe there’s only one way to do that!

It’s by sharing the whole package with you! Not just one part (e.g. recipes).

I didn’t do just one thing to make to make him or I better, I did a series of things.

The first week in February, I’ll be releasing a three-part video series entitled “She~Raw Diet”

I’M GOING TO COVER:Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 6.05.19 PM

  • What the word “diet” means and how it’s been butchered into something bad.
  • Why people can’t lose weight and why others can’t gain it!
  • Why I think it’s more important to go organic first rather then raw. YES, you read that correctly!
  • How to stay sane when your feeling overwhelmed, overworked and over stressed.
  • Why not to jump into a detox, unless you’ve already covered these three very important steps first.

And that’s only the first module! PLUS there will be recipes, ebooks, PDF’s, video training, weekly webinars or calls, and a private Facebook group. AND to make sure you get the attention you deserve, there’s going to be a of limit of 25 people for the opening pilot program. Reason? I want to make sure I can answer all your questions personally!

~ This is for the woman, who wants to reclaim her power, energy and vitality. She will look beautiful, regain youthful exuberance and feel like a Goddess because of this course!

Sweetie Pye’s Raw food alchemy

  • Sweetir-Pye,s--RAW-FOOD-ALCHEMY--version-2The second program will be an intensive 12 module program.  
  • Each module consisting of 4 lessons.
  • We’ll be covering raw food prep, design and recipes in each module.
  • Plus, we cover the 5 senses and how they relate to food and picky eaters.
  • How energy affects us, as well as our food.
  • Preparing and storing raw food.
  • How to fix or change a recipe you don’t like
  • Downloadable guides and recipes for each module
  • Watch your inbox for any and all updates on this course. I will be running a pilot program at a huge discount! Stay tuned…



Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 3.47.21 PM

But for today…. you can Create 40+ Tasty Raw Food Recipes with Me, Chef LaFaye Pye for only $10 !

Do you remember receiving your recipe books and how excited you were to start trying out some of those recipes?

Well now you can make each of the decadent recipes right along side of me! We decided to video record each one just to make it even easier for you to start creating delicious, healthy dishes today. So, don’t be shy, hit the link below and it will give you instant access to all 40+ recipes in video form.

  • If you’ve misplaced your books in the past, this is a great way to get them again. You’ll be able do download them to your computer, dropbox, kindle,  while always having a copy in your console.
  • As an added bonus you receive a free VIP membership for this year! (valued at $39). This entitles you to surprises and bonuses several times a year, simply for being a Member.
  • Purchase now for ONLY $10 ($79 value).  

P.S. BONUS~ Do not pay for this product if: you purchased any products or coaching from me last year (2015) ! It’s your New Year’s Gift from me and it’s already accessible in your members console.