Starting out right!

How was your first week of 2016? Good to GREAT I hope!
What about those New Year’s resolutions? Did you make any?
I would love to hear about them!   Please leave me a message below.


Did you promise yourself that you would become healthier, happier, stronger or wealthier this year? Maybe you were looking forward to losing some weight or gaining more energy, vitality and flexibility. What about those aches, pains and cramps? You know the ones… people say they come with age or that they’ll stick with you because of an old injury.

So what do ya do?
Does this simply mean, you need to eat better, start exercising and get in shape? Well, honestly, that sounds pretty darn vague, doesn’t it? There’s no starting point, no direction, no step by step instruction. Besides if we could do it all on our own, we’d already be like “yup, did it, done. I’m all good now”! Correct?

You’ll be happy to know that this year we’re building a community! A community of like-minded people who can support you, help you, encourage you and understand you. They’ll support where you are now and throughout your entire journey, no matter what your going through! There wouldn’t be any judgement or pressure to conform you into someone else’s version of you.

So If your looking for a place to learn and share, this is the place to be…

  • You can be at any stage of your journey ~ maybe your just learning about superfoods or raw and wanting to get more fruits & veggies into your diet. 
  • Or you could be just looking for a supportive group of people as you transition and/or upgrade your diet.
  • You can be simply gluten or dairy free, raw, vegan, vegetarian, even still be eating meat.  This is about improvement not judgement!
  • If you want to upgrade your diet ~ lose weigh, gain weight, regain that healthy glow and energy or improve your skin. This is where to come to feel radiant and beautiful.

I’m going to cover

  • Why I think it’s more important to go organic first rather then raw. YES you read that correctly!
  • Why “not” to jump into a detox, unless you’ve already covered these 3 very important steps first.
  • How to stay sane when your feeling over whelmed, over worked and over stressed.
  • What the word “diet” means and how it’s been butchered into something bad.
  • Why people can’t loss weight, and why others can’t gain it!

And that’s only in the first module!  PLUS there will be Recipes, ebooks, PDF’s, video trainings, weekly webinars or calls, and a private FB group. AND to make sure you get the attention you deserve, there’s going to be a limit of 25 people! for the opening pilot program. Reason? I want to make sure I can answer all your questions personally!

So make sure you keep an eye on your inbox. I will be releasing a 3 part video series packed with information and take aways. It will be coming out the first week of February 2016. 

When will this new program open up? On VALENTINES’ DAY! Yes that’s this FEBRUARY. Only a few weeks away!

Make sure you keep and eye on your emailing ~ other wise…

  • You’ll miss out on the upcoming Free video training series  
  • The discount pricing and early bird specials
  • As well as any gifts It could be: recipes, ebooks, tutorials, Video’s and PDF’s