Would you like to know what my very first piece of raw food equipment was? It was an Excalibur dehydrator! Surprised?

Most people are. You see, I had a food processor.  Not a good one, but I did have one. I also had a small blender, which meant I could make patés, creams, sauces and one smoothie at a time, but I couldn’t make anything with a good crunch. I wanted chips, crackers and bread. And I knew that if I want to be (and stay) raw I would want those “favourite” things of mine, so I had to come up with a better way of doing it.

Luckily, I did! I took those habits and cravings and I replaced them with better and more satisfying options. “Knowing” they say is half the battle, I believe that “doing” is the other half.

Do you know your strengths and weakness? What part of your raw food journey is problematic for you? What part are you flourishing in?

What will be your first or next piece of equipment?


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    • Hi Yvette, That’s a great question. Depending upon the recipe you could use seeds like: sunflower, pumpkin, chia or flax. you might even be able (once again depending on the recipe) sprouted and dehydrated grains such as buckwheat groats or quinoa. Hope this helps and gives you a few ideas Yvette.

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