Rainbow Soup

This soup truly warms the heart, especially during the winter months. It always makes me smile and truly creates a feeling of  gratitude for all I have.  It also keeps us warm and well nourished during the coldest of winter months.

My grandmothers would have called this “kitchen” soup, although theirs would have consisted of some sort of meat and broth. It always reminds me of the story “Stone Soup”. Do you remember this old fable? It was usually told as a lesson in cooperation, especially amid scarcity where people learn they could have so much more if only they shared, even just a little, with each other.  Rather then being so full of fear and thinking with such a lack consciousness, they become happy again with their village, family and friends, all thanks to a stranger.

Rainbow Soup is usually reserved for a Wednesday evening meal in my home. I chop up any leftover root veggies, celery, tomatoes, add in water, a few spices and Voila!