What’s the raw food pantry all about?

It’s about YOU! It’s about helping you to find clarity to the questions you’ve been asking yourself. It’s about you being able to journal your triumps and struggles. It’s about you finding your voice. It’s about finding better ways to organize your kitchen, ways to lay out your fridge, to find the equipment that right for you. Being able to find receipes that you’ll not only like the look of but will actually make, eat, enjoy and love the taste of.

It’s about finding a step by step program that will actually work for you because it’s suited to your individual lifestyle and needs. It’s about finding your strengths and weakness so your working with them (rather then against them). It’s about you finding your passion your purpose your ultimate happy place with food.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you wouldn’t just jump into a car and start driving without any place to go (a destination in mind), And if you did just start driving…. you’d still end up some were’s! And that “somewhere” might be the farthest place from where you’d really like to be. So eventually you’d turn that car around and head back home.
A lot of people not only treat their raw food journey like this but they also treat their lives like this. They don’t make any conscious decisions on where they want to go, How they want to get there, were they want to be, or who they want to become. (You will change as your body changes. So you need to be ready for this…more about this later).
In-turn they struggle day by day trying to make better food choices. Without physically moving ahead and never getting to the point or place they really want to be. Maybe a little tough love and sacrifice is all that is needed. But who is there for your support?
You’ll hear all over the internet that “going raw is easy”, “going gluten &/or Dairy free is easy”. Well I am here to tell you truthfully it’s not always that easy. It can be a real challenge and for most people it is. (But this is a challenge that’s truly worth it!)
Nothing is easy when you just get home from work and every bodies hungry. Yet it’s all up to you to give them a healthy meal and still get those kids out the door again to hockey, karate, swimming or soccer practice on time. And that’s if your lucky enough not to be double book! Am I right? Or what about when one of your family members are sick and you want to spend more time with them? All the other stuff is getting in the way, in our minds it’s become easier to pop something in the oven or just get take out… Truth be told this are just habits, addictions, clinging onto a life that no longer suits us.
If you really want something to work for you (like losing weight, having your kids behave in a calmer way, improving health and mental fitness or improving your longevity) you need to find the time to do it. Whether it’s easy or hard, that’s all up to us! Things just don’t fall out of the sky and into our laps (unless it’s bird poop!). Think about it, everything you have up to this point. In some way shape or form, you’ve earned it. The good, bad, ugly and even those amazing things that make you feel so lucky and blessed to be alive.
So where to we go from here? Well that’s all up to you! You can choose to read another post, check out a recipe, or our products, there’s even a freebie’s section on the home page. Where ever you go, the choice is always yours……