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Book    The first book in a new series…

In this first book there are 90 hydration recipes! They are all raw and vegan. The book covers everything from infused waters to juices and smoothies, as well as flavoured nut and seed milks (warm and cold)! All for you to enjoy anytime of year, in both warm and cold climates.    

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The “Waisted on Raw” e-course…

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This course came about because of several people I was working with. They knew they needed to eat better but were having a devil of a time making raw and vegan meal recipes.  Unsure of which way to turn, they told me if they could drink it, they’d be able to do it… get those veggies, fruits and nuts down.

All the complicated recipes are gone. This is simple, really really simple! There are 8 modules, one per week. Each building on habits and strengths from the previous week. You might even find your kids, spouse, friends, other family members or coworkers asking about your beautifully coloured drinks and if you can share! It does happen (and quite often) so I’m told!

What this course is not…

  • It’s not a detox
  • It’s not a all liquid diet
  • It’s not to be a replacement for all your meals!

What this course is…

  • It is a replacement for sodas
  • It is a replacement for store bought juices
  • It is a replacement for dairy
  • It can be a replacement for caffeine
  • It can be a replacement for snacks
  • It will help with weight loss by getting refined sugar out of your diet
  • It will help with sugar cravings by eating more fiber rich fruit
  • It will keep you full and satisfied
  • It will also help build long term habits to creating a healthier lifestyle
  • You’ll also see increased energy and vitality

Get all 8 Modules today for just $297. (USD)  PLUS… 1) A surprise bonus module worth $37 dollars. 2) You’ll also receive the 90 Hydration Recipes ebook. Regular price $14.99 and 3) Instant access to your own private console where you’ll have unlimited email access to me, LaFaye. A value of $477.  Each week when you fill out your workbook questions online, you’ll be able to have me review them! This is a DIY course, but with a huge difference…you won’t be alone in cyberspace, you’ll have me coaching you anytime you need me and always through the privacy of your own console.

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