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Who is Chef LaFaye Pye?

The first time I ever worked in a restaurant I was about 12 years old. Some of my cousins and I were asked to hull strawberries for the day. Although we were all more then happy to contribute to their strawberry shortcake special, I do remember vividly the odd feeling it gave me being ushered in through a backdoor, past the kitchen and straight downstairs into that old cement basement –  a basement I came to know quite well. You see, over the next several years, I worked here during my summers off from school. Starting off as the dishwasher, then onto food prep. Within a short time I was working in the kitchen alone. By the time I decided I was going to leave the restaurant for good, I had even been in charge of training another cook! He was fresh out of culinary school and being paid more then I was – simply because he had been “schooled”. I, on the other hand, only had years of hands-on experience.

I left the restaurant business to become a mom. I loved working as a cook, creating recipes and being engaged in talking and learning all about food. Not being able to stay away from this lifestyle, I started doing in-home cooking demos with a couple of different companies. I loved teaching people what I was learning and how it was helping our youngest son (who was labelled as “mentally disabled”). However, it became very overwhelming doing both. So I had to choose. I live for my boys, so the choice was clear…it was full steam ahead to help our son!

Over the years I have taken many courses, some of them include: Aromatherapy and Reiki. As well, classes on herbs and tonics. I even left Canada to go to Philadelphia twice, taking courses on brain injured children. In 2012, I decided to go back to school, choosing Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg, California. In my opinion, this was a great decision. It’s where I became a certified gourmet Raw Food chef and Raw Food nutrition educator. I have also completed a year long course in health coaching. But just like when I was working in the restaurant, none of it added up to the experiences and skills I truly developed (and were taught to me) by my sons. They made me the mom and person I am today. What great teachers they were (or should I say “are!”…. they are all grown up now).

How we truly learned to ”Savor our family’s well-being with the power of positive eating”.

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